Our Firm

Grove Bank & Trust, founded on July 12, 1926, is a Miami-based financial services firm and is one of the longest continuously operating banks in Florida. People are our most important asset and our brand. The values of integrity and honesty are of paramount importance to us and are the essence of who we are and how we operate.

Grove Bank & Trust offers boutique banking and comprehensive trust and wealth management services tailored to meet the needs of successful individuals and their families, as well as businesses, endowments and foundations. Our focus is on preserving wealth through risk management, diversification and goals-based investment planning with an emphasis on the qualitative aspects of wealth. 

Esther M. Gonzalez, Managing Director, Chief Fiduciary Officer; Marta Goldberg, J.D., Managing Director, Fiduciary Wealth Advisor; David Breitwieser, Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer, Laura Marquet, Managing Director, Head of Portfolio Management, and Libby Witherspoon, Executive Vice President, Head of Trust and Wealth Management have an average of 30 years of industry and client relationship management experience, as well as the expertise in investment planning, investment management, wealth management and family governance to serve as one of your trusted advisors. 

For more information, please contact 305.808.4002 or visit our website at www.grovebankandtrust.com.